Kenyan radio presenter and rubbish-talk content creator Andrew Kibe Is in trouble again, this time for altering vulgar words against two local and famous couples.

Kibe who doesn’t mince words when talking about controversial topics and undesired truth. Some of his fans believe that he is the most real person who can tell you the way things are straight to your face, but I think he’s just mannerless.

Kibe has found himself in the middle of critics after saying some negative things about these two celebrities couples and that has offended Kenyans. He was trashing talking Guardian Angel and Brown Mauzo for their life decisions in choosing partners.

He attacked them for settling with older women, basing his argument on ‘women age faster than men’, hence their marriage won’t be colorful for long.His bashing has gotten many netizens angry. I believe anyone can settle with whoever they want, the goal is to be happy not age right? Some of the bitter comments from Netizens are shared in the screenshots belowi

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