Julian and Pozee have just released a new track dubbed “Nomaree.”

The release seem to be timely judging that Juliani has been on the headlines. I can’t help but think that the whole drama, that has been on and on for weeks, was just Clout. Willy Paul has also been making headlines this past week.

Paul Pozee has been accused by Miss P(his former female signee) of forcing her into an unprotected sexual relationship with him.Thr accusations don’t seem true if you ask me.

Juliani on the other hand has been accused of taking away Lilian Nganga, governor Mutua’s ex-wife after the couple went separate ways.People have claimed that maybe he was the source of their break up

Towards the end of the week Juliani wrote a statement claiming his life was in danger and that some unknown guys had been calling him. They even shared the number sending threatening messages.

So this song has dropped today and we can’t really put to book whether the stories preceding the release of this song was as part of marketing strategy or whether they are actually real events.

Pozee has an album that he is set to release soon and does need all the clout for the album’s success.Juliani on the other had gone silent for sometime and is seemingly making a musical come back.

Anyway, follow us, as we follow up this piece of gossips for you