The Benga Kikuyu musician Irungu Njaro better known as George Wanjaro Jr’s death is still a mystery.

His body was found in Rusinga dam. The earlier statement indicated that the late committed suicide because of many debts.

According to the suicide note left on his phone, he asked them not to look for him as he will be in Rusinga Dam. He also stated he’s doing it because of a 700k debt that he has been unable to pay.

Police officers have initiated the investigation to ascertain the exact cause of his death.

As police carry out their investigation, the wife to the late Njoro has come out and gave a different revelation on husband’s death. Mrs Joyce Wachira hast stated that she doesn’t know any story of debts and she is waiting for to investigate the matter.

“I am waiting for the police to investigate and give us the official version. I don’t know about his debts. He has never acted suicidal and on the date he disappeared, he appeared normal and in control of his faculties. I am living in a horror audio movie with no visuals”- The wife stated.