National Assembly deputy Speaker Gladys Boss Shollei has proposed that retired President Uhuru Kenyatta should pen a letter to the police Inspector General (IG) Japhet Koome to inquire about the motive behind the scaling down of his security detail.

Shollei, who doubles as the Uasin Gishu Woman Representative, noted that the move by IG Koome is being falsely peddled by members of the political divide to give an impression that it was politically motivated.

Appearing on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Monday, Shollei advised politicians to steer clear of casting aspersions on IG Koome’s action and instead present their arguments with facts as cited in law.

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She argues that the attacks, which she claims are said in political rallies, are triggering causeless uproar from the public and not everything should be politicised.

“If people believe that the IG was acting maliciously then they should sight the regulation and say this is supposed to be the regulation so that we do not make insinuations, let us be factual about this because we are being unfair to Kenyans,” she said.

“Let us just be honest about it, I think also playing politics in order to whip up the emotions of Kenyans is dishonest of us as leaders if we do speak like that.”

To clear off the conundrum surrounding the matter, Sholei opined it would be better to bring IG Koome to the fore and make an elaborate explanation on why he cut down Uhuru’s security detail.

And if it remains a bone of contention, then Uhuru should write a letter to IG Koome seeking clarification on the same.

“We have to call the IG to come to explain the regulation that he is applying and for us as politicians, it is best for us not to speculate on that issue,” she said.

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“Let the retired President himself write a letter and say that these are the security that I am entitled to as a retired president and you have given men the following, and you are short of these then action will be taken.”

On Friday, a day after Uhuru’s security was scaled down, IG Koome clarified that the State did not compel him to sanction the changes in security personnel of retired government officials and that he was acting under the provisions of the law.

“If you look at the law, remember that as the IG I discharge my mandate independently. Whatever I do, I am guided by the constitution and the laws of this country. There is no politics in this. The IG will not allow being dragged into politics,” he said.

According to the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act, a retired president is entitled to a maximum of six security guards for personal and escort unit use as may from time to time be certified by the Minister responsible for national security in consultation with the retired President.

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It also adds that there should be adequate security at the retired President’s urban and rural residences as may from time to time be certified by the Minister responsible for national security in consultation with the retired President.