Celebrated gospel musician Eunice Njeri Mathenge has spoken on her 24 hour marriage.

Many of her fans wonder why she has not been married like the ladied of her age. This is what has made her to open up on her 24-hour marriage to gospel rapper Isaac Bukasa, alias Izzo, back in 2016. The shocking part is that, Eunice Njeri has announced she ended her relationship while at the altar.

According to Eunice Njeri, her medical condition was the main reason why she left the marriage. She admits that the confusion that arose from being in hospital and suffering from fibroid for over 20 years made her make wrong decisions . She explained that her heart was somewhere else (not in United States) and that place was Kenya.

In all those different versions of the story, izzo was purported to be the bad guy in this whole situation. As result of that, he decided to break his silence on the drama regarding their separation.

Through an emotional social media post, Bukasa seemed to suggest that all that has been said by Eunice Njeri and her associates are far from the actual truth.He further