Renowned Kenyan radio personality and commedin Jalang’o has finally opened up about the ongoing debate after he was accused of being among the rogue group of businessmen who are currently engaging themselves in the ‘Wash wash’ business.

In a post that has since gone viral on all social media, controversial Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare posted a couple of business men and celebrities who are allegedly linked to the shady business deals.

Among them was Jalang’o who was also linked to the group due to his involvement with a number of men who have had a couple of alteration with the law here and there for their questionable businesses.

Clearing the air, Jalango has called upon any Kenyan who might have the evidence or who can come and prove that he is involved in this kind of business to declare it in public without fear. According to the reports given by Jalango, he said that all his wealth comes from hard work.

“For the first time I have been forced to explain about the source of my wealth. I would like to swear on my father’s grave that I have amassed all of my wealth using clean business deals and I have never engaged myself in any type of shady deals. I don’t even know how 7 a.m looks like because I always wake up at 4 a.m”,He said.

According to the reports given by Jalango, he revealed that he is currently an asset to ambassador to a lot of businesses all over the country which he confirmed that pay him well.

Wheres there’s smoke…

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