Renowned business man and politician Jimmy Wanjigi has opened up about the death of his friend, the late Jacob Juma, a renowned business man who was found dead in his vehicle.In the interview, Wanjigi said that the late Jacob Juma went to him and told him about the Eurobond case that has never been solved.

According to Jimmy Wanjigi, he said that the late Jacob Juma did an investigation on the money that the government was borrowing from banks in and out of the country and despite the fact that they were borrowing within the country, they only documented the outside borrowing process.

“Jacob Juma was a friend and I knew him, he brought to me a very interesting analysis about the budget of books in 2014 claiming that the government was borrowing money and out of the country but with all of this happening, they were only recording money borrowed outside the country. This was the beginning of the Eurobond Scandal”, He said.

Wanjigi also went ahead and revealed that prior to the man’s death, he had revealed or rather expressed his security concerns claiming that there were people who were after him. In 2015,the deceased is reported to have taken the government to court after revoking his mining company’s license on claims that he refused to pay $800,000 bribe.

Juma was attacked on his way home and police concluded the incident as an assassination since nothing was stolen from his vehicle