Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai has clapped back with not so nice words to Asmali Media founder and CEO Ahmed Mohamed aka Asmali, who accused him of being ill-prepared for an interview with Jimi Wanjigi on Sunday night.

Asmali took to Twitter to claim that Kaikai did not make reference to Wanjigi’s family’s political background during the interview, constituting to poor interview skills.

Linus Kaikai didn’t even bother to research that Wanjigi grew up around politics. His father, Maina Wanjigi served as an MP for Kamukunji and Cabinet Minister in Kenya’s first two Cabinets. That he’s an alumnus of St. Mary’s School. Selling him as a hustler is a betrayal,”  his post read on Twitter.

In response, Kaikai had a mega clap back, in which he asked Asmali a rhetorical question.

Eero Ahmed, how would you feel if your driving skills were judged by how well your father rode camels?” the Citizen TV Director of Innovation posted back.

Two hours later the Asmali Media CEO ate humble pie and warmed up to Kaikai by posting a photo of them together to bury the hatchet.

My friend Linus is a good journalist by the way,” posted the self-proclaimed mayor of Eastleigh who enjoys over 295,000 followers on Twitter.

Feels like sarcasm by the way

I watched the interview and it was great