Churchill show comedian Akuku Danger has sparked an online debate after he stated that he was asked to pay Ksh 500k as dowry payment for a girl he was dating and wanted to marry.

According to him, the dowry should be cheaper because apparently the lady has piercings’ and tattoos.

On the post, Akuku Danger asked for people’s opinion on the subject and this post got some bashing him for profiling people with tattoos and piercings.

“MAJAMAA, Wazazi Wa Dem Wanataka Nitoe 500k Ya Dowry Na Ni Dem Ako na Tattoo na Piercings, Mnaona Nitoe Ngapi Ikienda Sana?😊,” the comedian captioned on Facebook

It’s high time people stop profiling people with tattoos,piercing, dreadlock by the way.

Here are some of the responses from Netizens