Matatu owners association Chairperson Jimal and socialite Amber Ray are allegedly no longer together.

After the drama and insults between his two wives Amber Ray and Amira, Jimal has decided to go back to his first wife Amira.

Just yesterday, Amber Ray gave hints that all is not well in her love life. In her bio, she had the name, Amber Ray Jimal. After the two allegedly got married, the socialite changed her name. of course people took notice of that. Fans have noticed that recently, her bio only had her name.

A close source to the family told blogger Edgar Obare that at the moment, Jimal is not even picking Amber Ray’s calls. Amber Ray has been begging him not to leave her but her efforts have so far not bore any fruits.

Amber Ray has even been using her friends to reach out to Jimal but all has been in vain because every time Jimal realizes that it’s a call from Amber Ray, he quickly hangs up.

The close source also revealed that Jimal has been begging Amira to forgive him and he is now trying to get close to his two sons.

Amber Ray has not yet confirmed the break up but she recently deleted all photos of Jimal on her Instagram, just days after Jimal deactivated his account.

I have a feeling that this is just Kiki, what do you think?
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