On Monday there was reports of two terrorist arrest in likoni by  Commandos drawn from Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) However not everyone is buying this ‘terrorist’ story.

What raised eyebrows was the fact that the two terror suspects were dramatically arrested by Special Forces detectives who were accompanied by a full group of journalists.

The arrest was caught on camera in a perfect movie-like choreography; detectives jump out of their vehicles with their guns drawn ready to engage the enemy and cameras follow them.

Ruto’s camp was fast to dismiss the ‘choreographed’ arrest with Dennis Itumbi promising to spill the bills.

“The Real story of the day is NOT the President’s Interview. In essence the President said Nothing new. It is ignored. That incident at the Ferry. Hapo iko maneno. That is where the next plan of the DEEP state is. HNIB Agents are on it…,” Itumbi twitted.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali later on Tuesday came out to spill the beans Itumbi had vowed to reveal. The former Jicho Pevu investigative journalist asserted that the arrest was stage-managed.

“For more than a decade as an Investigative Journalist I have never ever seen or heard of any journalists embedding with ATPU in their operations. Even in military, and if it happens, its what I call show of the uniform using the systems news reporters. Yesterday’s incident at the ferry is the last plan after BBI of wanting to postpone the 2022 general elections. Don’t be shocked if we start hearing of such incidents all if we start hearing of such incidents all over the country just like the 2012 grenade stories. #HatununuiUoga,” wrote Mohammed Ali on Facebook.