Songbird Nyota Ndogo has taken a swipe at Andrew Kibe, after he suggested that married women should not go to work.

Andrew Kibe’s sentiments on relationship matters is proving to be a chagrin to most people, who are definitely hitting back at him ruthlessly.

The YouTuber and radio presenter has recently been on an admonishing spree to people in relationships. Just the other day he hit at Brown Mauzo and Bahati for marrying older women

His most recent piece of advice is that married women should not go to work; rather be housewives. Why? According to Kibe, men should be the sole providers and should not allow their women to mix with people. Mixing with people in the sense that when they go to work, they’ll meet other men; who might lure them into being with them using cash- temptations!
Now women shouldn’t have a social life because they got married?

” You should never allow the woman that you’re saying is your woman atoke aende apewe pesa na mwanaume mwingine… There’s nothing more powerful than chums… Wajinga ni sisi. You allow your wife to work. Wewe unafkiria waarabu ni wajinga nini?… Ndio uende usalimiwe salimiwe na watu uko?”

Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo is not happy with Kibe because of this. After seeing his video; the watu na viatu’ hitmaker responded with rage and commented;

”Tena amesoma huyu ama ndio kina nyota?”

I don’t think your parents took you to school to sit around be asking men for money. I just wonder, who is kibe to be telling women to stay home?

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