Singer  Willy Paul has striked back after his former signee Miss P accused him of sexually assaulting her severally.

On Wednesday, Pozze opted to crack the whip on Miss Pisacah by deactivating her Instagram account that was being Managed by his Record Label Saldido.

A cross check indicates that Miss P’s Instagram account is no longer available, hours after the songstress labeled some damning allegations against Willy Paul.

During her interview with Presenter Ali on pulse live , Miss P mentioned that she never had access of the Instagram account while under Willy Paul’s management.

“I have never had access to that account, initially I was okay with it …but ilifika point how they were posting my pictures and the caption haikunibamba prompting me to ask for the account to manage it myself and they did not take it well. Sasa hivi sijaitisha ile account and don’t even need it because even if I want it am sure they won’t give it to me…right now I have a new account you can follow me there” explained Miss P.

Miss P alleged that Willy Paul sexually harassed her several times, months after being signed to his record label.
According to Miss P Willie Paul forced himself on her and all along she thought that he had a girlfriend and this made her fell safe with him until one day when he forced her into the action.

She shared what had happened to her with the mum who immediately rushed her to the hospital for a check-up.

She says Willie Paul met with her mum and upto date she doesn’t know what he told her mother.

This song better be worth because I’m Soo not buying this nonsense.

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