Benga Kikuyu musician Samidoh has sent a cryptic message in form of a song to the mother of his son, and unborn child, Karen Nyamu.

The musician through a song sent a coded message to Karen revealing how he feels about her.

The celebrity recorded a video of himself on tiktok singing a kikuyu love song. And On this video, Samidoh openly revealed that he still has feelings for Karen. He told Nyamu to hold on and never give up on him because he still loves her.

The two who were recently in a scandal, with Karen stating that Samidoh abused and broke her phone don’t look like they’ll ever break up.

On the same song, Samidoh stated that there are those people who keep on judging them without actually understanding why they are together. He went ahead to explain that they too, never understand why they are together.

I think in all this drama, Karen is the one looking all stupid, you get abused and run back to the same man.

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