Shorn Arwa is not a new name in the Entertainment industry. Many refer to her as the slay queen CEO while others see her as a comedian thanks to her viral videos shared on social media.

Her first viral video was about Shorn Arwa addressing ‘sponsors’ who seem to have forsaken slay queens ever since the quarantine period started.

According to Shorn Arwa most of these men can’t even spare some time from their wives; to go check on their sugar babies who are now left stranded in terms of ‘status’ in the secret relationships with these men.

Given a chance, with her sense of humor, Shorn can give Mammito and Teacher Wanjiku a run for their money.

In a video that’s making round, Shorn is asking broke men to stay away from her since they got nothing to offer her.

She’s also cautioning ladies to hide their men since she’s pretty, has the ‘luku’ and can easily steal them.

‘Ficheni Wababa!’ Shorn shouted.

She goes ahead and speak about the Mombasa men, saying,

“Weuh, Weuh! Imagine huku Mombasa hakuna wababa, na wale wako wanapanda tu mnazi.” Something that gets the man behind Twain pictures and his colleague in laughter.

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