It is True! Aeedah Bambi’s relationship with Senator Anwar is failing terribly as the relationship has now turned violent.

Unfortunately she is the one on the receiving end considering her battle is with a man.

Senator Anwar Oloitiptip is known as the ex husband and baby daddy to Saumu Mbuvi the daughter of the former governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko.

The senator and Saumu parted ways after she alleged to have been beatedn a few months ago and he moved on pretty quickly to a lady known as Aedah Bambi

According to a source that spoke to His Teaness, Edgar Obare, it has been revealed that she has been receiving blows from Anwar, the lady has been making sure that there is no evidence to confirm the rumors; but what’s hidden must one day come to light.

It has also been revealed that , Bambi has been facing the wrath of her new man; simply because he cannot stand the fact that she has been coparenting with Steve Oduk. The father to her 4 year old daughter.

Well, from the post shared by Edgar, we’ve been made to understand the so called couple have been having regular fights; and at some point things got so bad to a point where the senator pulled a gun on her.

The source goes on to paint Anwar as an insecure man; who had been hoping Aeedah would cut off her baby daddy since he (Senator) is handling the 4 year old as his son

In another post, it was confirmed that the Zanzibar trip we all saw Aeedah flaunt on social media; was to mend their relationship’ after the slapping she received during the Bahati Album Launch in June