Rapper Nattelie Florence Kitoto alias Noti Flow and her lover King Alami are back together after ending their relationship barely a month ago.

This is after Alami made a social media post disclosing that they reconciled and rekindled their love. “Potatoes will potate. Haters will hate. #notialami is back. I love you baby. Happy girlfriend’s day baby🥰@notiflow Our love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then but the strings remain attached forever❤️,” wrote Alami. “Happy girlfriend’s day,” said Noti.

This came just two days after King Alami issued an apology for being violent and for physically and mentally abusing  Noti Flow

“I wanted to publicly apologise to my girlfriend Noti Flow. One for being violent towards her and physically and emotionally hurting her, for abusing her and raising my voice at her and for giving her the impression that I had hoes and I didn’t,” she wrote.

After their publicised break up, Noti claimed that Alami tried to kill her and that she was a psycho

“We had a normal argument and she went all rampage. She started to punch the walls hurting her wrists and when I tried to stop her, she bit me on my shoulder and hand. She held knives at me and threatened to kill me and kill herself if I break up with her. She strangled me so I can’t scream for help. I was out of breath for seconds, I thought I died,” Natalie stated

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