On Wednesday, a police officer from Meru was nabbed by detectives after he reportedly escaped with a fully loaded G3 Rifle ready to kill his university lover.

Officer Victor Omuse wanted to end the young girl’s life after she defrauded him 900k.

However, in an interview with a local station, Omuse denied that he was planning to end the life of his lover who is a student at Mount Kenya University (MKU) in Thika, Kiambu County.

The officer allegedly carried a G3 rifle from Kangeta Prison and headed to Thika town after informing his colleagues that he was on a mission to kill the student.

“I did not have any plans of killing the student and if there was such a plan, I could have done it long time ago since I knew where she resides,” he said.

Omuse further said that the lover had not conned her any money and he had never taken a loan and handed the lover any cash.

The matter raised concerns after the officer was spotted within Kangeta Trading Centre in Embu County being in possession of a rifle.

Detectives from the criminal investigation unit laid a trap and evacuated his girlfriend hours before the officer arrived in Thika.

Reports indicate that Omuse went into the house using his personal key, and was found pants down minutes after he assembled the firearm.

He was arrested and is currently being detained at the Thika police station awaiting his day in court.