Ali Yusuf populary known as arrow Bwoy is a known Kenyan artist and  among the few successful musicians in Kenya.
Arrow Bwoy mainly focuses on love songs and this has made him get a huge following on his social media platforms.

Lately, the ‘radio love’ hitmakers have been Serving us hot couple goals after they came out to announce that they’re dating. (In the song he features Nadia Mukami) Nadia is also an artist who loves to call herself African Popstar.

During a live session on Instagram, Arrow Bwoy described how it has been for him to dating Nadia. He stated that she the kind of girlfriend’s who just wants to be with their man even during working hours. Is this live or clinginess?

Nadia gets emotional every time Arrow Bwoy has to leave so that he can go and run some errands. Surprisingly, he was touched when he went to perform in a certain school then when the students started crying, Nadia got emotional and tears rolled down her cheeks.

What Arrow Boy loves about Nadia is the fact that she is a very dedicated and hardworking lady who never lets anything distract her.

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