Angry Kenyans have reacted to the news that former Tahidi High actress Mama Jimmy wants them to help her get a Visa to the United States.

During an interview with YouTuber Hiram Kamuhunjia, Mama Jimmy whose real name is Wambui Njoroge disclosed that she has secured a temporary work permit in the US but getting a Visa has proved problematic for her. As a result she wants Kenyans to help her secure one.

Mama Jimmy, said that she will not beg Kenyans for help as everyone else is struggling at the moment, as COVID-19 has impacted all our life’s However,she revealed that she has a piece of land which she acquired through savings from her acting gigs and that she was looking for a customer to sell it to.

However,just fresh from a similar ordeal with another former Tahidi High actor Kinuthia better knowm as Omosh, Kenyans wouldn’t hear none of Mama Jimmy’s request for help.

Omosh who asked for help from Kenyans earlier this year came back begging for help again from kenyans, despite being helped the first time
This is how some netizens reacted after Tuko blog posted her story.