Kenyan artist Krispah, better known to his fans as Ndovu Kuu is in rage after his latest song dubbed ‘Ndovu ni Kuu, featuring Khaligraph Jones was deleted from YouTube. The song had already fetched over 3.5 Million views; and was lifted due to copyright issues.

One upcoming artist by the name Dexter claims that the beats of the song were originally his; and Ndovu Kuu sampled it.

According to Krispah, the song was not lifted due to copyright issues, but because of his verse ‘hakuna masomo KU’, which has immensely affected the intake of Kenyatta University; as their communication department claims.

Krispah adds that Kenyatta University called him; and claimed that the song greatly affected the University.

He believes that the two allegations are greatly connected; and the artist who claims to have his beats stolen is one of Kenyatta University’s comrades.

Ndovu Kuu’s management called Dexter; and he claims that he is Kenyatta’s ambassador. Turns out, the lifting of the song was a set-up.

Anyway, Ndovu Kuu had his breakthrough through this song; which saw him get recognized as one of the bomb musicians.

Most of Krispah’s fans have also reacted in rage; claiming that it’s unfair for such a good song to be lifted due to trivial reasons.

Krispah has however, promised to take action and bring his track back.