Benga musician Samidoh and lawyer Karen nyamu have been the talk of the town after she disclosed that samidoh had abused her and crushed her phone.

Karen nyamu and samidoh had been in a relationship but it came to an end after they had a disagreement, or so we thought.


In a video that had gone viral Karen nyamu disclosed that samidoh had abused her and that she is three months pregnant

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu have another baby together and after the separation samidoh said he will give support to the baby.

Today Karen has revealed that samidoh has bought her aknew iPhone 12 which he had destroyed when they were in a disagreement.

Its In the Instagram session with Kelvin Shaban, where she announced that an apology gift was sent to her after her assault incident.

Karen wore sunglasses covering the better part of her face and a hat covering her swollen forehead.
‘Nilipata simu leo, iPhone 12, alitumana simu rafiki yenu.’ she stated

Asked who the friend is she said, “Your friend sent the phone, just that.”

Toward the end of the Instagram live, she announced that the assault will not just die like that, she will pursue justice.

It is not clear though if Karen has gotten a P3 form against her abuser.