The directorate of criminal investigation (DCI ) yesterday managed to arrest the two High Court judges namely Aggrey Mucheule and JUMA Chitembwe over corruption allegations.

Justice Muchelule revealed that His arrest astonished the whole of the nation on how the DCI approached Him from His office.

According to their lawyer Danston Omari, He revealed that their arrest was “deep state” planned so as to intimidate them.

According to Omari the unidentified person approached in the court chambers demanding to meet the Judges, according to Him the person did not identify Himself.

It is said that later the man asked the judges Chitembwa to have a meeting for crucial discussion. Immediately they left the Court Chambers to accompany the man, they started their journey to the restaurant, immediately they stepped outside the court, they was astonished that other people had been waiting for them outside the court and they pounced on them and arrested them.

The mistake the two judges made was to trust the unidentified person and following them. One of judges is among those who President Uhuru failed to appoint on allegations that they are corrupt.

The lawyer also stated that the arrest officers alleged that the bribe money was in the judges Chambers but upon searching they didn’t find anything.

“They didn’t even find a single coin,” lawyer Omar stated
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