Since Saturday netizens across Africa have been taking about Grand P who is a successful artist from Guinea. This was after his wife Eudoxie Yao told her fans that she is single and will now be focussing on her music career. She stated that Grand P has been cheating on her for a very long time and was not showing any signs of changing his behavior

Most of those keenly following this relationship is because of their body size difference. Grand P was born with a genetic disorder that really affected his height and people have been wondering how he used to take care of such a huge lady.

While announcing the news of their break up, Eudoxie Yao wrote in her social media  that she was moving on since her relationship with Grand P was over.

“Good evening… I inform you that my relationship with Grand P is over. I’m moving on. Thanks,” Eudoxie announced earlier on Saturday without sharing much details on the same.

Grand P through a special song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Eudoxie Yao has pleaded for forgiveness just two days after the two separated.

Grand P confessed that his love for the Ivorian woman Eudoxie Yao was above the roof and that he could not just let her go.

“My love #EDO, for me you are the most beautiful in this world. In my heart, I will write your name, so that I think of you forever. My true happiness is to be with you, you are the love of my life. The sun is for everyone, but you are my sun alone. ♥ ️” Said Grand P.

I know y’all asking where he’s getting the audacity and strength to cheat, but I think it’s the same place you get the strength to take your partner back after cheating.

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