Edgar Obare has ended up opening a telegram channel after his Instagram account where he serves the tea, was suspended.

As people were moving to telegram, a Tanasha Donna story was shared where she was alleged to be traveling to Belgium.

This is after Tanasha Donna shared out her stories, ‘Belgium see you soon.


Many people who saw the story believed Tanasha was traveling to Belgium as she also shared photos while at the airport.

Edgar obare students seem to be everywhere. Apparently, in the hotel where Tanasha was staying, somebody decided to snap her real quick revealing that she was not in Belgium, but rather in Juba Sudan.

After seeing the video that was posted where she was spotted wearing the same clothes like the ones she had while at the airport. People reacted to this act and had alot say before Edgar Obare revealed a post she posted.

What raised more eyebrows was after she went ahead to delete the ‘Belgium see you post.’ Was she guilty of selling a lie?

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