Diana Murua was on fans receiving end on social media, after sharing her work out video while on full make up.


Diana who has been on a fitness kick lately, has been proudly sharing her workouts with her Instagram followers. The mother of three posted, “So let me hit the gym, get them abs.”


Diana showed herself dancing and trying to keep up with the rest of the gymgoers, much to her amusement.


She has received some critical comments for getting all dressed up with full makeup for the gym. Her Instagram video sparked some criticism from her fans.



Here are some of the trolls.

“I know some of yall are wondering why I have makeup on while working out ..well I was at a shoot earlier. Hit the gym. I didn’t have makeup remover ..moving on swiftly,” she tried explaining.


Diana shared another video removing makeup before showering. She was not done addressing trolls,


“Who raised you though? So I just got home from a long and fruitful day, can’t wait to take a shower after working out. Chill and have a nice hot meal So like nyi mnanishangaza. So like someone can’t have a busy day and not even get time to remove makeup,” she questioned




“Yall all about oh ‘mbona unaworkout na makeup makeup hadi kwa gym’, guys you just have to see the negative in everything, you can’t be positive about anything. Huwezi fikiria tuu pengine huy mtu alikuwa na siku mrefu, sio ati its in the morning.”