It seems like Chebet Ronoh is still on her rampage, and is solely focused to bring down everyone that did her dirty in the past. The fallen online content star has been trying to rebuild her career, and in the process she’s going after all the young female stars who took her place.

The first to be blasted was Elsa Majimbo and Kate Actress, on each case accusing them of stealing her content. Her latest victim is singer Nikita Kering, content creator Shorn Arwa and Sandwich Podcast host Joan Melly.

It started with Nikita Kering whom she accused of having an attitude and trying to kill her career.

@Nikita_Kering i never forgot how you made me feel she posted


“I  remember i NEVER made nikita kering a friend I’ve always been close to max her brother who is a darling btw THIS BITCH TEXTED ME A PARAGRAPH of how i will fall and never make it because i was depressed.’ another tweet continued

‘And when i said hi to her at the British commissioner brunch she legit rolled her eyes NIKITA i know you hate to see me happy and alive!’ Ronoh bitterly explained

‘Mind you i NEVER WAS NIKITA’s friend shwarey just texted me after she was intimidated’ 😭

Then this morning, she started it with Shorn Arwa whom she suggested is untalented and trying hard to be like her.

‘Shornawa how does it feel to wanna be me?’

And when a fan asked what Shonarwa did, her reply was:
“I could end shorn by just being consistent’ 😂😭

One person who is safe from Chebet Ronoh’s current rampage is Azziad Nasenya. Ronoh has suggested that Azziad has always recognized her role as a pioneer in the online content creation space.


Chebet Ronoh has been back to creating content after a slumber, she has been working on herself, from her body to her skin, and it seems she wants to claim her place and take back what was taken from her. The YouTuber has been sharing her weight loss journey since she started hitting the gym, and she has worked extremely hard to achieve her transformation.

The comedian took to Instagram and shared a raw photo of herself in a bikini. The photo included all of her body features, and according to her caption, the photo was meant to preach body positivity and self-love.