Musician Arrow Bwoy has refuted claims that he broke up with Nadia Mukami  stating that they never broke up.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, Arrow Bwoy however admitted they had some difficult moments in 2022.

“Every relationship has its ups and downs. At the time, things were not okay and it is normal. Kuna time mambo inachemka unaangalia mwenzako hivyo unaona kama ni kondoo fulani hivi,” he said.

The singer, who is back in the country after a tour in Australia, said they talked through their differences and maintained that they are still lovers.

“Tukaongea na bado tunazidi kuongea. Saa hii mambo haijachemka kama hapo awali, polepole tutaituliza. I’ve never given a statement. Sijawahi achana na mtu yeyote. As far as I know, Nadia ni mama mtoto wangu na ni mpenzi wangu.

He added: “So sijawahi toa statement nikisema tumeachana, na hio time ikifika hata hamtajua, yaani itakuwa tu.”

Arrow Bwoy explained that Nadia’s announcement of their break up was out of emotion.

“Kila mtu hureact vidifferent, yeye hio time maybe alifeel it was the right time for her to maybe post,” he said.

Last year Nadia mukami announced their break up and event on several interviews to confirm her statement.

Arrow Bwoy has also refuted claims that they were out to chase clout.

Nadia recently shared an Instagram post indicating that the family was back together.